Foldable Laptop Riser for Upto 16" Laptops & Macbooks

Superior Material and Sturdy Construction.
Adjustable height for comfort.
Anti-slip Protective Rubber Pads.
Applicable to multiple size laptops and tablets.
Heat Dissipation Design.
Portable and Foldable.

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Multi-Angle Design:
Offers six modes for height adjustment, elevating your laptop from 2.8 inches to 5.6 inches above the tabletop.

Heat Dissipation Design:
The forward-tilt angle and open design offer great ventilation to cool your laptop during operation.

Anti Slip:
With anti-slip rubber pads, can hold your laptop stably in place and protect your device from any scratching or sliding.

Lightweight and can be quickly folded and with a portable storage bag to make it easy to carry-on.

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