Urban Commuter Professional Anti-Theft Backpack for 15.4" Macbooks - Black

Equipped with USB Charging Port: You can put your power bank inside this bag and connect to your Smartphone through the charging port, then you can play your phone while charging, and free your hand.
Unique Anti-Theft Design: Integrated safety lock will help you to keep your precious gadgets and belongings safe against theft.
Large Capacity: The laptop Pockets can offer full protection for Notebook, at the same time, your iPad, iPhone, tablet, books, power bank can stay in harmony in this bag
Breathable Design: the breathable mesh fabric keep the back air circulating, comfortable to carry, the foam padding can release the stress from your shoulder, Relaxed hand-held connection, feel more comfortable.
Comfortable to carry: Adjustable S-curved shoulder straps are comfortable for work, travel and everyday uses.

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What’s the one thing that keeps you worried about your gadgets while on-the-go? Safety! Now you have reason to leave those worries behind with The Urban Commuter that comes with innovative anti-theft features and serves as an ideal travel companion that lets you travel in style.

Designed for the modern business travelers, it provides easy access and safe storage. Hidden zippers, integrated safety lock, steel wire mesh and hard metal frame makes this into an invincible for that no one can access! Be it your laptop, important documents, sleek gadgets or something as essential as your wallet, this is a place for everything the Urban Commuter.

What more can you ask for when you carry your office around on your shoulders? The sleek design and aesthetic brilliance of the bag is an added advantage to the whole proposition. So, when are you thinking of topping up your cosmopolitan lifestyle with this innovative travel companion?

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