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  • Canvas Pro

    Canvas Pro Life style art work FACEBOOKLife is messed up... We need so many things in our daily lives ... our keys, wallets, phone, chargers, tabs, laptops, fav pen, battery backup, lighter and that lucky charm which you never fail to leave home without!! So many things you need on a daily basis, our phone, the charger, the tablet, the laptop, the diary, your favourite ink pen, that battery backup, that cigarette lighter, that lucky charm which you always carry in your bag when you step out of your house.

    The problem is that you have so many things running simultaneously in your mind that you happen to forget something back home. You end up thinking about it the whole day and when you return back home in the evening you wish that you had something in which you could just stash all your essentials & carry with ease and also make a style statement!

    Have you ever been in such a situation..?

    I’m sure we all have...

    That’s when Team Neopack took up this challenge to conceptualize a product which would solve this problem. We proudly present to you

    To save you all the hassles, we at Neopack bring to you the super Canvas Pro bag.

    This beautiful product is made with high grade blended fabric which is especially dual toned to give that impeccable stylish finish.

    We understand that you have paid a good price for your Mac book or laptop and the last thing you need is it being scratched while you are on the move. To tackle this problem we have the solution. Canvas Pro has a fur lining which ensures that your prised possession remains scratch free.

    In your busy life, the least you need is a heavy bag with an uncomfortable strap which kills your shoulder. Canvas Pro comes with a soft shoulder strap which gives you ease while travelling.

    Last, but not the least, Canvas Pro comes with multiple compartments which will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of your daily essentials while you carry on with your day.

    So, if you are looking for something smart & trendy, something which is easy on the shoulders & simple to carry, something which will keep your daily essentials safe & smartly organised.

    Look no further. Neopack Canvas Pro is here.






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    facebook post Now that you have bought that lovely crafted leather bag which you always wanted, it is obvious that you would want to flaunt it for a long time. To ensure that it remains in prim condition, here’s how to protect & take care of your lovely possession in four easy steps.

    KNOW YOUR leather SKINS

    • Most leather bags arevegetable-tanned with tannin. The downside of this is that these types of bags tend to lose colour and shrivel when drenched in water.
    • Chrome-tannedskins are more water-resistant and are usually referred to as "wet blue leather" for their steel-gray tinge.
    • Full-grain typeis a premium-grade hide that has not been buffed, to showcase the skin’s natural “grain” or texture. Leather bags made of Full-grain type of leather are usually more expensive and more durable.
    • Top-grain type are less dear on your wallet, this is thinner and has had its natural grain “corrected’ by sanding away scars.
    • Covetedexotics from non-cattle skin and patent leather, with its high gloss achieved by oils and resin, are just two other examples of the other finishes and leather types available on the market today.


    • The general principle of cleaning your leather bag is simple: remove dirt build-up by wiping down with a cleaner made specifically for the leather in question.
    • Remember the hardware. Some bags have precious metal-plated buckles or chains. They need to be cleaned separately & with utmost care.
    • Every other day, give your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth—this won't take more than a few minutes, but will go miles towards preserving the appearance of your leather bag.


    • Think of conditioning as moisturizer for your leather, which will dry out over time. To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over.
    • There are specially made oils available in the market, which simulate and supplement the natural oils of leather.  Leave on for 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess. Dry thoroughly in an airy room.
    • Condition every month or so to keep your leather looking its shiny best.


    • Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof, so avoid toting your leather bag in bad weather. Nonetheless, there arewax creams which function as a barrier against water.
    • Word of caution: wax creams may alter the hue of dyed leather, so test first on an inconspicuous corner.
    • A more breathable but less effective alternative is aspray protector, which is virtually invisible on your bags. This is also an economical option which you should explore.


    • Let water spills dry naturally. High-heat measures like using a hairdryer will only cause the skin to crinkle beyond salvage.
    • Prevent color transfer by consciously resisting the urge to rest your bag against your jeans.

    That’s all from our end here. Do let us know your feedback / comments on this blog article. Also, do let us know which topic you would like us to explore next in this Neopack Quick Guide series. Take care, have fun & carry on with Neopack.

  • Leather Sleeve

    Leather Sleeve Life style art work


    Casually formal. Formally casual.

    Neopack’s latest star product – the LEATHER SLEEVE is inspired by the moods of the urban user.

    Today’s ultra-mod generation likes to jazz things up! And this product suits their mood, attire and attitude!

    The luxurious fusion of leatherette and high-grade nylon takes this style a notch higher.

    It is equipped with multiple zipped organizer pockets to enhance functionality. The quilted inner further adds elegance to this designer masterpiece.

    So, if you have the LEATHER SLEEVE, you have a must-have ace up your ‘SLEEVE’.








  • Hard Disk Case


    Today, our work and personal life are accentuated by an ever-diminishing thin line. So wherever we are, it is inevitable that we carry around our gadgets to keep us closer to our work-life. This demands carrying around sizeable amounts of data in your HDD. And we, at Neopack, make sure you carry it around safely with a dash of panache. Here’s why you need Neopack’s versatile HDD CASE:

    ·        Hard case shell delivers full protection to your HDD shielding it from any        kind of damage

    ·        Elastic band keeps the HDD securely tightened in the case

    ·        Separate section to carry the USB cable & pen-drive

    ·        Waterproof & shockproof design

    ·        Available in 5 attractive colour options

    ·        Fits up to 2.5" portable HDD


    Bag 640 x640 hddcase feature 1Bag 640 x640 hddcase feature 3 Bag 640 x640 hddcase feature 2

    Secure your HDD in style with Neopack’s versatile HDD CASE.

  • Handle Sleeve



    Mobile computing has evolved into smaller, more convenient devices. Our handle sleeve Laptop Bags are designed with these users in mind. The Handle Sleeve  is the ideal solution for daily commutes or quick trips. Designed for sleek Ultra book laptops and lightweight tablets, the handle sleeve Laptop Bag feature a separate padded compartment for both a laptop and accessories. Style-conscience travellers can now travel with assurance that they are protected.

    Why Handle Sleeve?

    Handle sleeve has a unique design sleeve with handle & front pocket to compliment your great style. High quality lycra fabric makes your sleeve look rich & shiny. Superior grade neoprene ensures snug fit to your laptop. Inner fur lining protects your laptop from unwanted scratches. Comfortable & secure handle makes it convenient to carry your laptop. Available in 2 colour (White & Black) variants & 5 sizes.

    Handle sleeve 1Handle sleeve 3Handle sleeve 45 (1)


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