Anti Glare Glass Scratch Resistant Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max (Black)

Real touch response with zero impact on visual display.
Protective screen with anti-scratches and anti-dust capabilities.
9H Hardness for impact resistance.
HD clarity with optimal views from edge to edge.
Oleophobic coating which is oil-repellent and anti-Smudge and supports anti-glare viewing.

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Cover your entire screen:
Specially designed this Anti-Glare matte glass screen protector for iPhone XS Max (6.5 Inch) to cover the entire screen, including the color frame and curved edges. Provide full coverage, edge to edge protection to absorb almost any impact.

High Definition
Made with high-quality clarity premium tempered glass, Neopack matte glass is much clearer than other matte screen protectors. The matte finish tempered glass, using the same technology as Kindle E-reader matte screen, reduces glares for easy reading in the sun or bright light.

Smooth Feel
The amazing matte glass provides silky smooth touch, prevents oily smudge and annoying fingerprints to keep your phone screen pristine all day long.

Easy to install
Bubble-Free Adhesive makes it easy to install. You can remove and reapply the screen protector if there is any problem during install.

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