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Brand Ideology

Brand Ideology

Our Story Our Ideology

Like every other brand we also have a story & it is no different than yours. It all started in 2009 when a young entrepreneur just out of college felt the need to revolutionalize the case industry by creating products that are functional / Stylish & affordable to all. His vision took him across the world to look for new designs & idea that can change the way we use our tech devices. This quest gave shape to the brand – Neopack.

“What’s in the name?” they say.

The name in every bit defines our products. Neopack was derived from a combination of the words, Neo – “New” “Recent” “Revived” and Pack – “Keep Secure”.

Since our inception in 2010, with a dedicated purpose of simplifying your tech lives , we’ve perfected the art of creating Functional products and a tradition of repeating it time and again. Effort and dedication are just words because we breathe a sigh of relief only when we have made things you love and stuff that we like making.

Neopack is where ideas, people, and skills converge to develop a wider vision that inspires to push the edge in creativity. Guided by a strong knowledge base and a fluid allocation of talent, we design products that are finely tuned to the culture of today and the vision of tomorrow.

We are an innovative pack of like minded conceivers…we are NEOPACK!